Circle Builders

The Circle Builders concept is at the heart of everything we do. The ancient Greeks had a word for how the human experience should be considered. They called it your "metron" (where the word matrix comes from) or the circle from within which we do life. Scripture also translates the same word as "measure." The simple yet profound truth is that every individual has a 7-valued circle, and there is a synergy that results from giving equal amounts of time, energy, and effort to all 7 of our life values simultaneously, therefore yielding an exponential growth in the entirety of our lives. Through intimate events we call Collectives to our Circle Builders Intensives, writing, speaking, coaching, and the Circle Builders app,  "Our vision is to build a global community of "Circle Builders;" People who are all following the "Metron" concept and building complete lives. Complete lives in turn build great legacies. Through writing, speaking, consulting, hosting events, podcasts and apps we provide inspirational and innovative strategies to enable people to do just that... build complete lives, families, companies, and churches. We are committed to building a global community of Circle Builders. Join us!"

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Stephen / Mary Miller

Stephen is a martial arts expert, former professional MMA fighter, and a strength athlete with 5 world records to his credit. He is a dynamic speaker and a motivator of people. He has spoken to crowds as large as 60,000 at one time and shared the stage with other great speakers and thought leaders like Les Brown, Dennis Waitley, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Greg Reid, Sharon Lechter, and many more.

Mary has extensive certifications and experience in counseling. She has built numerous ladies leadership teams, written curriculum and taught thousands of women across America. She is an artist, wife, mother, and Nana who lives to help people grow their personal circles. Stephen and Mary have been married for 40 years. Together they have produced an intensive coaching system called “Circle Builders.” Stephen has also authored The 30-Day Family Challenge, Dynamite Comes in Small Packages, and The Adullam Experience.


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Terry Smith

The Life Christian Church, West Orange, New Jersey / Author of The Hospitable Leader

"Stephen Miller is a mighty man. I have known Stephen for more than 30 years and can promise you that he is not just a world record setting Strong Man physically, but that he is also strong spiritually, emotionally, mentally and relationally.  I highly recommend Stephen and whatever he is inspired to say and write - especially to men.  Without question you will find great strength in The Adullam Experience."

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Greg Reid

Best-selling author, Speaker, Film Maker, Founder / Secret Knock

"Steve is one of the best speakers I know, but more importantly, he walks the walk and talks the talk."

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Les Brown

World’s premiere motivator, speaker, 

and trainer.

"The secrets of speaker and author Stephen Miller will change your life and the lives of millions around the world. He inspires and teaches people how to create a new paradigm of thinking that enables you to push beyond your mental limitations."

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Scott Jones

Sr. Pastor Grace Church

Humble, Texas

The English bishop, Stephen Gardiner, once stated, “The frame of the cave leads to the frame of man.”  In light of that, may I suggest that, if we must have a cave experience, and if that cave is going to frame us, it is paramount that we choose the right cave! Stephen Miller has identified the perfect cavern that housed an imperfect man and his band of imperfect friends who went on to do heroic and world-changing feats.  He brings out timeless truths that will help frame a man into the person God always intended for him to be. You’re holding in your hands a ticket to the Cave of Adullam and then on beyond your wildest dreams.