August 19th-23rd 2021

Thank you for your interest in the MANdate and My360Project joint missions project.  We wholeheartedly believe in what we do and are thankful you do too. This will be a “one of a kind” trip for men; service and adventure.

Trip location:

•Vicente Guerrero, Baja, Mexico - Approx. 5-6 hour drive in our van going south of San Diego. Crossing the border. (You will need Passports)

•Lodging will be nice, clean, and safe - Just don’t drink the water, we will provide that. Weather will be warm - high 80’s


The cost is $1000 per person plus your transportation to San Diego. This covers most all expenses while in Mexico. You will need to pay for your airfare to San Diego CA. and food while in San Diego. Click here for application

A big part of the trip is delivering shoes made there in Mexico. Most that go on the trip get shoes sponsored which helps support the project. You can pay for most of your trip expenses by setting up a My360Project fundraiser and getting shoes sponsored. Most people that take advantage of this fundraiser get at least half of their trip costs covered.  Covid-19 is not a problem. We are allowed to travel to Baja and back without a Covid19 test. Masks will be required in certain situations. Safety is a key.

Click here to create fundraiser


Tour the My360Project build center -- Take part in the building of shoes -- Deliver shoes to children in the area that are in need -- Participate in

other ministry related projects led by Stephen Miller

Stephen Miller will be leading devotionals such as; The Man and his Metron, The Duplicatable and Transferable Principles of the Super Successful,

Managing your Metron effectively, Build a System and The System Will Build Your Life, and The Man and the Mantle. Stephen II will also be doing

some incredible strength presentations. We will need to depart San Diego from the airport by 12 PM on August 19th and flying out on the 23rd.

Please do not schedule it any earlier than 3 pm for your return flight.We look forward to having you on this mission trip, safety is our highest priority.

Come be part of the story of helping others. Darryl Carnley& The My360Project Team

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