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In Circle Builders, Stephen Miller teaches life development from an ancient, proven holistic approach -- spiritual, intellectual, emotional, family, social, physical, and financial. Being more, having More, and achieving more begins within your personal circle. This book will help you:

  • prioritize all 7 values

  • develop systems of patterns, actions, time management, and consistency

  • grow the circle of your life exponentially


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The Adullam Experience presents a roadmap, a systematic way to grow the entirety of a mans life to completion. Every man needs a place where he can become what he's meant to be. He needs a cave. When he finds one, the mighty man within him emerges.

The Adullam Experience explores such a place. King David - while defeated and running for his life - along with 400 men in the same condition, wound up in a cave together. While the events within the cave remain somewhat a mystery, we do know the process that develops broken and unfulfilled men into mighty men who live on purpose and leave a trail of heroic exploits behind them.

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If you want to be more, have more, and achieve more, you must learn to maximize life's moments and then build on them.

Every moment in life is impregnated with limitless possibilities. When you treat them with respect and reverence, they will open to you. Sometimes, they will explode serendipitously in front of you and change the trajectory of your life.

Dynamite Comes in Small Packages will help you to see that there's a certain anatomy to these moments. When you learn these patterns, mindsets, and intentional strategies. that contributed to your involvement in these magical moments, you will then realize that you can create your own Dynamite moments.

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Today it seems that we have a smart device and apps for just about everything... and all of it meant to help us evaluate and assess our life on a minute-by-minute basis. However, it also means that we've surrendered. Technology has removed much of the human element from us... taking over our behavioral health, impacting our interpersonal skills, creativity, and even our comprehension capacity.

Further, when it comes to the most important institution on earth... our families... many don't have plan at all, much less a smart one.

This book will help you accelerate growth in your family. This challenge involves daily devotions, journaling tasks, and exercises to be done collectively, to establish new patterns and habits that are sure to cause your family to experience significant elevation. So take this short journey that will benefit you a lifetime.

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