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Circle Builders

The premise brand of Legacy365 is Circle Builders. It is at the heart of everything we do. The ancient Greeks had a word for what the human experience should look like. They called it your "metron" (where the word matrix comes from) or the circle from within which we do life. Scripture also translates the same word as "measure." The simple yet profound truth is that there is a synergy that results from giving equal amounts of time, energy, and effort to all 7 of our life values simultaneously, therefore yielding an exponential growth in the entirety of our lives. Through intimate events we call Collectives to our Circle Builders Intensives, writing, speaking, coaching, and the Circle Builders app, we are committed to building a global community of Circle Builders. Join us! Sign up for updates and events.


We believe that the best way to bring about total transformation in people's lives, is to create a disruption in to their "norm." Epic adventures are exactly that. We take smaller groups of people (10-15) to various international locations where we facilitate them experiencing a rich and powerful blend of exciting adventure, leadership development, R&R, and selfless acts of serving... all in one 4-6 day trip. Nobody takes an Epic Adventure with Stephen without returning completely transformed in all of the ways they had hoped to, and then some.


We are currently booking our 2022 trips starting with adventures to Baja Mexico, the Alaskan Wilderness, and Uganda. I challenge you, dare you, implore you to take an adventure with us. You'll be forever changed. 

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Throughout the year, Legacy 365 hosts incredible events (usually more localized in Texas) that cater to men. Not that women aren't capable of doing these events, but we specifically and intentionally focus the content of these events as well as the activity to helping men be better husbands, fathers, leaders, and CEO's of their homes and families. From golfing, fishing trips, hunting excursions, bike rides, and fireside gatherings, to coaching events, workshops, and conferences, we build men and their circles. 
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