The Brands

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Life can be difficult, leadership can be brutal, and business building and even ministry can put demands on you that are disproportionate. Where do you go? Who do you connect with? If you continue in a state of deficit, there's sure to be a collapse or an implosion in your life. At Legacy365, we understand more than you could ever know. We gather high-level leadership teams together and through strategic fellowship, put the breath / fire / and virtue back into you. CALENDAR DATES...


We believe that men are powerful and deserve some special attention. Through MANCamp, leadership/adventure missions trips, and systematic strategies we build men. Complete men. Men that are effectively managing their "metron" to create the life of their dreams, and live the legacy they want to leave. CALENDAR DATES...

Circle Management:

Every single person has a "metron" -- or the circle from within which we do life. Our metron consists of 7 life-values. Legacy365 teaches a brilliant system, through conferences, workshops, and apps, that yields a synchronized development of all 7 values simultaneously, therefore creating an exponential growth in the entirety of a person's life.


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